Our Story

Welcome to EBIKEHOME – Your electrifying adventure starts here! As a leading provider of cutting-edge electric ooters and bicycles, we're not just a store; we're a revolution on two wheels, championing the cause of eco-friendly travel one exhilarating ride at a time. 

Our passion for sustainable transport is matched sconly by our commitment to you, our customer. We understand that you're not just looking for a ride – you're joining a movement. A movement towards a greener, cleaner future where every journey matters and every mile is a testament to the power of electric energy. 

Our handpicked selection of electric bikes and scooters from top brands offers more than mere transportation; they offer freedom. Freedom to explore, to commute, to live life on your terms. Range, speed, versatility – whatever you seek, you'll find it here, nestled within our curated collection. And with our diverse pricing, the thrill of electric mobility is accessible to everyone, from the daily commuter to the weekend warrior. 

Our dedicated team of experts is not just here to sell – they're here to fuel your passion, guide your journey, and ensure that every interaction leaves you charged with excitement. We're not just selling bikes; we're crafting experiences, fostering a community, and leading the charge towards a sustainable future. 

By choosing EBIKEHOME, you're making a statement. You're casting a vote for cleaner air, quieter streets, and a planet that breathes easier. You're not just a customer; you're a pioneer, an eco-warrior, a trailblazer on the road less traveled. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this electrifying ride. Together, let's turn every street into a path of change, every commute into a journey for a better tomorrow. Welcome to EBIKEHOME – where your passion for adventure meets our zeal for a greener world. 🚲